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Name: Kay
Contact: dragon8writers at plurk
Over 18? Yes
Other characters: Currently Marin, but the goal is a swap.

Name | Alias: Tohru
Journal: maid_dragon
Age: Unknown. I’d put her in mid twenties by human standards
Canon: miss kobayashi's dragon maid (manga)
Canon point: Chapter 23. She goes back to her world to get a desert, but instead of coming back ends up on the station, oh no!
History: Born into the chaos dragon faction, Tohru was raised to destroy, to kill. “Kill all humans” - think of them as worthless beings. They often hunted her, and her people, coming after her whenever she tried to rest in one place. Tohru was raised to fight dragons who sought harmony and rules with human, and kill those insignificant humans who would threaten her.

She did not always follow this – while she had enmity to spare for the harmonious dragons, and little respect for humans who approached her for whatever reason, we know there was at least one circumstance where she she allowed a human thief to hide with her until those hunting her had given up.That was also where she first heard that being a maid, servant by choice, could be freeing – at least when your natural choices were slave or thief.

Sometime later, the holy gods managed to stab her. Wounded, and near death, she came to a world without magic and crashed into a mountain. It was there that she met Kobayashi, who drew the sword from her back – not believing in the gods enough for its magic to affect her – and invited Tohru back to her own house. She was incredibly drunk at the time, though, promptly forgot all about it and got the surprise of her life when a dragon girl dressed as a maid showed up at her door.

Nonetheless, Tohru was allowed to move in – mostly in return for giving a quick ride to work and preventing Kobayashi from being late. Her goal in moving in? To devote her life and body to the one who had saved her!

Personality: Tohru describes herself as a very selfish dragon. It’s true to an extent: she barged into Kobayashi's life, changing the woman’s world forever. She declared herself in love, she frequently destroys things during her cleanings and lectures about making a mess and tries to force feed Kobayashi dragon tail. She’s sneaky, too, trying to slip her friend the occasional love potion. When Kobayashi gets cursed with a penis, Tohru tries to take advantage and says she’ll only remove it after they mate. Her claim of being selfish isn’t coming out of nowhere.

She’s also jealous - not of her treasure, in the traditional sense, but of her family. When Kobayashi spends time around Tohru’s rival, Elma, Tohru goes cracks a wall in anger. She goes overboard trying to prove herself useful, destroying all the furniture along with the dust and grime as she tries to show off. She tried to sneak more of her dragon flesh into Kobayashi so that she would be inside the woman, and so that she could feel closer to the other woman than her rival could – and when Elma burst in trying to take Tohru back to their own world, Tohru blasted the woman straight through the door without a second thought for the destruction it would cause. All because she wanted Kobayashi to be praising her, and paying attention to her.

Tohru's not all bad traits, though. It’s only that she craves love and praise – she’s had many of her friends die. She can’t go back to her parents, who taught her to kill all humans. She doesn’t have a lot of friends, so many of them having been killed and so many other dragons like Elma being after her life. When she came to the human realm she devoted herself to Kobayashi entirely and she seeks validation for that choice.

Though some dragons, like Kanna’s parents, more or less abandon their children to grow strong on their own, it’s been pointed out that Tohru is a mothering sort. She claims to be a maid, but the way she lectures on cleaning makes Kobayashi feel like she’s part of a married couple, getting yelled at her for bad habits. The way she cleans up everything, makes food, takes pride in her ability to do things around the house – she doesn’t have the subservience of a maid, but rather is always proudly showing her worth around the house.

Even though she’s jealous, she’s also very loyal. Insecure about her place as she might sometimes be, she let herself sustain damage instead of just dealing with Ilulu rather than let the woman destroy the city. As she puts it, she might be a chaos dragon but she’s trying so hard to be a good girl in this world. Trying to earn her place by Kobayashi’s side.

However, despite her love of the human, Tohru tends to view humans as inferior. She looks down on them – or rather, she needs to build dragons up to make up for the life she’s spent fighting them, struggling against them to survive and watching them hunt her friends. Humans have accomplished so much, she says at one point, yet dragons could destroy it all – so they’re superior. Yet Kobayashi claims that Tohru simply wishes to understand humans. I feel that it’s really a mixture of things. Tohru has seen many friends die trying to truly live among humans, and does not feel safe if she can’t hold herself above them in her mind and call herself superior. It’s a calming technique, telling herself she’s above it all – because she’s scared of them turning against her. Yet she has devoted herself to living among them, trading compliments at the market and playing games with them. Living among them. She wants to understand humans, and trust humans, but it’s a struggle against everything she was raised as. So she tells herself that she’s better, and that she won’t be surpassed by humans in any way, while still trying to understand everything they do.

Abilities and Nerfs: Tohru is usually a dragon in human form. That means she has massive amounts of building crushing strength, fire breathing, and magic – the ability to make basic items appear, including fake legal paperwork. The ability to recreate furniture that she’s destroyed, and restore doors that she’s broken down. She shape shift to make herself look human, or grow dragon parts. It’s implied that she can clone herself. She can definitely make herself disappear from human perception. She can open portals to other worlds. Her saliva has cleaning properties that destroys grime. She never gets sick. She can also regenerate her tail, which is delicious but poisonous if she doesn’t take all of that out.

For the game, rather than being a dragon stuffed in human form I want her to simply be in human form (with a tail and horns). I’m hoping she can keep her general magic, minus the world hopping, but she’ll lose the majority of her strength and I’m toning down her fire breathing to little more than a blow torch – the result of her now being mostly human. So no destroying everything.

Inventory: Nothing! She’ll have dropped the puppy fruit so as not to have anything living on her.
Five Desires: 1. A Kobayashi body pillow. 2. Deserts from home. She can’t create anything organic. 3. A free night on the town. 4. A photo album of Kobayashi. 5. Pictures of all her friends.



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